Services Overview

IMServe Nigeria Limited is one stop solutions for responsive and reliable service providers in Nigeria. We provide professional and reliable services that will enable you save time and money. Your success means we succeed. As our satisfied and valued 40 + customers surrounded the Globe. We understand your needs and exceed your expectations. The supply of marine technical stores like Provision, Bonded, Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical, Safety, Navigation, Publications, Medicines and Stationery stores.
IMServe Nigeria Limited is able to provide full agency services to our clients.
Most clients who avail of this service find that they are able to make considerable savings by entrusting all vessel requirements from single stop,
thereby substantially reducing transportation costs. Services include looking after all vessel staff requirements, repatriation, agency etc.
We can provide you and your vessel with fast, efficient & reliable service given reasonable notice. We are known for our professionalism in all aspects of the chandelling business, our very well trained, professional team ready for your service on nominated time period.
Specialized services include Hull inspection and assessment, Propellar Shaft
Cleaning, Sea Chest valve Cleaning, Photography, and repair of submerged
structures worldwide.

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